S95 vs G12 .... beating a dead horse?

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S95 vs G12 .... beating a dead horse?

I'm preparing for a trip to Uganda. This is going to be with work, so I don't want to take my DSLR with me. I've narrowed my choice to a G12 or S95.

Searching through the forum I found a thread in which most people advocate for the S95 over the G12. This seemed to be driven by a couple issues ....

1) Size / pocketability. The S95 is clearly much much smaller (advantage S95). That said, I wandered to the store today to try and get a sense of size, and was actually concerned that it might be too small in my hands (specifically the front ring). Has this been an issue for anybody?

2) Faster lens. I somehow end up doing a lot of lower-light photography. This is a significant benefit.

Some things I prefer about the

1) It has an eyepiece. Call me "old" but I miss eyepieces. When I have used cameras without eyepieces, I struggle to hold them steady. On the other hand, I suspect that when I use a camera with an eyepiece, I am probably stabilizing off of a third point (ie my face). It seems to me this may potentially negate some of the benefit of the faster lens. Would appreciate comments on this.

2) Love the analog controls on the G12. There's something that appeals to me about having the settings they control literally at my fingertips, instead of nestled in a menu somewhere. Would appreciate comment on ease of menu navigation.

3) The hot shoe is nice to have, although don't realistically know how much I will use it. However am thinking long-term here, and not just the next couple months.

Appreciate all input. In particular I would like to hear from those who prefer the G12, as nobody spoke up in the prior thread.

Thank you!

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