Olympus E5 Versus! Canon 7D Nikon D300s.

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Re: It is interesting George..

Rriley wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

We also have no idea if they used AF or MF. If it was me I would have used CDAF or MF, at least on the D300s, to get the best focus and to exclude PDAF issues which may also infuence sharpness, especially if the lenses aren't giving enogh DOF. Actually, magnified LV manual focus should be the best for these tests. I am pretty sure that CDAF is the most accurate AF on all three cameras and after that is MF using magnified LV.

what happened to that rock solid Nikon AF you were bragiing about?

It's still rock solid. Never the less, every idiot knows that CDAF is THE most accurate AF with every system, unless it is messed up by the manufacturer.

I am pretty sure you know very well that if you do such test one have to exclude any possibility for the slightest AF related misfocus, which is why CDAF, or MF should be used. In tests like these you have to decide what you want to test...

  • the default setting of the cameras to check the exposure

  • the AF system of the cameras, and which one in that case

  • the resolution of the image sensor

  • the accuracy of WB sensor

  • the lenses

All those need different setup and you can't test all of them at once with one single image. The guy failed totally and this test shows absolutely nothing. It has zero value for anyone else than a real fanboy with zero ability to understand how to test cameras. It is just valuable for the ignorant, narrow minded type. I think you know that as well so please don't pretend you don't agree just because I said something.

Cheers and good night. This is the last post in the thread unless I missed something and admins delete a few above this one.

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