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Interesting, I wonder what the shutter life of a regular P&S camera would be. I bought a pristine looking Ricoh 500SE not too long ago (unbeatable price). I was surprised to find out that over 23000 pictures had been taken with it. Everything works and looks like new, so I am not too worried.

Shutter life on point and shoots is much much higher than the typical consumer grade DSLR (and mirroless camera), because they use very tiny low mass in-leans leaf shutters (very few actually use full electronic shutters).

Because of their low mass, they can be very reliable (and quiet!). DSLR's have shutters, but they also have mirrors, typically they are grouped as one when you consider "shutter counts", however, with live view these days using extra mirror activations without shutter activations perhaps it should be better defined. micro fourthirds, NEX, Samsung/etc.. have shutters but no mirrors, but the shutters will be the weak link in the camera.

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