Panasonic 100-300mm and Olympus 75-300mm?? With sample pictures

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Re: Does not work

Hmmm ...

Canon 5D Mark II:
Sensor size: 36 x 24 mm
Resolution: 5616 x 3744
Density: 2.4 MP/cm²
Weight: 850g

Canon EOS 30D:
Sensor size: 22.5 x 15 mm
Resolution: 3504 x 2336
Density: 2.4 MP/cm²
Weight: 784 g

Given the similar weight (and identical pixel density) i would say it is easier to handheld shot the same subject at the same distance with Canon 5D Mark II with the same lens when compared with 30D... just because crop factor multiplies any shake by 1,6x...

But that is maybe just me...

When comparing the 300mm on micro four thirds we are talking about 600mm 35mm equivalent, using that focal length on a canon body (let's say 5DII since crop factor is 1) you need to compare with it fitted with 600mm lens.

Even if they both have the same equivalent image stabilization, canon would have advantage because the heavier the camera the more inertia it has... but that aside, any given shake would be identical in both, let's just say that that half degree movement in shake will always be the same since angle of view is the same ... sure, one is using 300mm on Panasonic while canon has 600mm for they to be comparable.

However, you may say that if you fit 300mm on canon 5DII and crop to 600mm (that would give roughly a 10MP picture) shake on canon would be less... by simply considering the crop, that is not quite true... and actually you're getting the same sensor area that micro four thirds and roughly the same pixel density...

If printed or seen at the same size, there should be no diferences in shake effect on picture sharpness (as long as you don't magnify the picture to print/view at that size)... so, maybe you have a point when pixel pepping... but since more pixels = more detail resolving power it's only natural the shake would be also more visible.

Hmmm ... i guess the text is a bit confusing so ... for the ones who would say TL;DR:

  • For the same focal length equivalent in 35mm any shake would have identical impact on image as long as you view images with the same size

  • If one has more pixels will see more detail on image, thus any shake would be more visible on pixel level (but not when viewing the image with same size as a non magnified less pixel powered version of it)

Back on topic, i would prefer panny version since my panny camera doesn't have in-body stabilization... ... I'll just wait for prices to drop, reviews to appear and my wallet to get filled...

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