5D2 lens questions

Started Oct 6, 2010 | Discussions thread
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5D2 lens questions

Hi all,

I'm starting to seriously consider switching to Canon. I have a D700, and have been watching the 5D2 enviously for some time. I am interested primarily in the increased resolution (for cropping/large printing), but Canon also has a good number of interesting, well-priced lenses whose Nikon equivalents either don't exist, are excessively priced, or are in need of updating (e.g. USM motors).


  • My 2nd most used lens is a humble 20-year old 50/1.8. I've been planning to upgrade for ages. My question is, what are the best options for the 5D2 in this area, with emphasis on AF speed, accuracy, and sharpness at wider apertures.

  • I've read a lot of good things about the 70-200/4 - good size, sharp, etc. I'm wondering if this lens would work decently with a 1.4x teleconverter too, particularly at the long end? Also, aside from stabilization, are there other major differences between the two versions of this lens? I've generally stayed away from IS, and at half-the-price, the non-IS version is rather enticing!

  • For long portraits, the 135/2L seems to be the lens to have! Still, I'm inclined more toward the 100/2. I've not seen a lot of comments on this lens, so any thoughts regarding bokeh, sharpness and AF speed on it would be welcome.

  • Finally, I suspect there are a lot of folks here who have shot or still shoot the D700 as well. Are there any particular things I should be aware of regarding the switch?


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