CS5 upgrade activation question

Started Oct 6, 2010 | Discussions thread
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DRode Senior Member • Posts: 2,815
CS5 upgrade activation question

I just finished with the completely worthless Adobe online help chat

My question is pretty straight forward. I have CS3 today and my CS5 demo is about to expire so I want to purchase the upgrade. No problem there. However, is 2-3 weeks, I'm buying a new Mac. It's a Mac to mac move, so that should be fine as well.

It's the activation that I'm not sure about. I think Photoshop allows activation on 2 machines just like Lightroom. I'm also pretty sure that my current mac is the first and only activation of this copy of CS3.

Here are my questions:
1) Am I right about the 2 concurrent activations?

2) If I did activate on a previous (now gone) machine, how do i go about deactivating it so I can activate the new one?

3) Anything else I should be aware of upgrading to CS5 and then moving to a new computer?

-Dan Rode

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