Nikon 24-120 F4 VR - Good but not stellar

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Re: Nikon 24-120 F4 VR - Good but not stellar

Thank you for advice, the coat was never on, forum activity meter shows you have half of my time to take pictures.

When you take any of the Nikkors from the last several years, 90% chance is that at optimum aperture (f5.6-8) center resolution will reach d700 sensor limits of 45lp/mm.

That's how standard procedures for lens comparison work to arrive at line widths per picture height metric. If you insist on comparing apples to oranges (different frame areas, apertures, f-lengths , primes vs zooms etc ) the results can be ...very different of course.

John Motts wrote:

nugat wrote:

The sensor of D700 resolves 1400lp/ph at Nyquist or practical limit 20% below that is 1100lp/ph. That is 2200lw/ph or 45lp/mm, something contemporary 36x24 lenses often reach. To say something meaningfull about lens resolution the lens should be mounted on 24mpix camera like D3x.

This is a daft statement. I use D700s and whenever I buy a new lens I test it thoroughly before using it on a job. To suggest that you can't tell any meaningful difference between lenses on a D700 is wrong.

Are you honestly saying that, in terms of sharpness, there is no difference between modern Nikon lenses unless you use a D3X?

I wonder what they used to test lenses before cameras like the D3X came about. Probably didn't matter because all lenses looked the same!

You should try taking your white coat off and go take some photographs!

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