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Re: a560 and a580 wont be released in Australia.

Phaelix wrote:

Hi crisg0112,

I work for the local Sony office as a product specialist- I advise people inside and outside the company on the technical side of our cameras, as well as training retail staff... basically I'm the geek in residence

I know what you mean about SLTs- I have an old Canon FTb that I still like to run a roll of film through every so often, and something about the viewfinder on the A900 makes me go all funny in the knees. That said, I've used the A55 enough to know that there are some huge benefits to an EVF too. Give the tech a couple of generations to work out the kinks and it'll probably even be tempting for the old-school crowd... or maybe I'm just optimistic

No doubt given the time and effort we will all be taking 3d shots etc like there is no tomorrow..The Sony advancement in the last few years has been spectacular to say the least..I will be in melbourne the 25th of this month and will hope to check out the a55..Iam waiting though for the a700 slt equiv or there abouts and will no doubt spend to get something decent..still find it hard getting away from the quality of the R1 photo's but HDR and panorama in house!! will keep me out of photoshop!!

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