7Hi or Sony 717?

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Re: 7Hi or Sony 717?

I wouldn't let that stand in the way of buying a camera. That's like saying you wouldn't buy a sports car because it's a stick shift only?

Just buy enough MS's and you'll be fine. They are so small carrying them around is no big deal. Besides, think about it as protection. I have a 512mb CF card for my Nikon. I was on vacation and constantly worried about having either a problem with it and loosing all my images or worst yet..what if the camera was stolen or lost? Again, no images. At least with 128mb per stick, you'll have 51-68 (my experiences) images on a card.

They are on sale for $39-$49 for 128 just about everywhere. The urinary olympic event over costs is nothing anymore. Heck, even a few bucks more..who cares?


Jon - Boston wrote:

Personally I wouldn't even consider the Sony. Here's why... memory

With a 5MP camera, you're talking about
carrying around quite a few memory sticks if you plan on shooting
without having to think about how much space you have left. With
the Minolta, you can carry high capacity Compact Flash cards
(256/512MB or even 1GB) or 1GB Microdrives (quite alot of bang for
the buch). To me, this alone makes the decision an easy one.

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