Buy for 1.6 crop, thinking about full frame... ?

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Re: Buy for 1.6 crop, thinking about full frame... ?

My advice:

If you are already thinking of an upgrade path from a camera that you haven't bought yet, you will most likely never be satisfied with it once you do buy it. If your end goal is to own a 5DII, then every time you pick up the 7D, you'll be wishing you had bought the 5DII. I'd recommend either saving a bit more money, or postponing one lens purchase, and just buying the 5DII in the first place.

While you post does not provide much background information, it does seem you currently don't have any Canon gear and are starting from scratch. Are you coming to Canon from another system and starting anew (I did this in August)? If this is your first entry into the digital SLR world, perhaps both the 7D and 5DII may be overkill to start with.


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