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Adam2 wrote:

ossme wrote:

The focusing issue was the one reason that prevented me from upgrade to the mark III.

I had two 1dmkIII bodies with the same issues.

A Newspaper I used to work with had the focusing issue with 15 mark IIIs. They ended up selling all their Canon Gear and switching to Nikon D3. At the earlier days of the camera almost everybody had an issue with the AF. Thats Why I skipped it and kept using the mark II until the mark IV was released.

But the newer ones are different and they are problem free. The one I'm currently using at the veryleast does not have any issues or odd behavior.

Having said that, My 1d mark II's shutter failed few weeks ago and I'm currently renting using a 1d mark III that had the "fix". I guess the focusing is great. Not as good as the mark IV and mark II that I have but it is better than the 7d for sure.

Really? Have you tried the 1dmkIII in contrasty lighting? Tell me how great it is? How do you know that its AF is better than the 7d? Have you performed side-by-side comparisons? Maybe it is, but pure speculation is precisely that.

I shot three soccer matches and two basketball ones and so far I didn't find any issues in different contrast and lighting conditions. I also have a 7d that I have been using for more than a year now for the same kind of conditions. So I guess I'm fair and far from speculating things.

I would suggest that you try to get a used mark III. Just test the camera and make sure that you get one that can focus before buying it.

One would have to be very careful before purchasing a 1dmkIII. It would be quite difficult to run the body though a gamut of testing conditions. If my livelihood depended on it, I would take a deep breath, come up with the extra $2-3k and buy a 1dmkIV. If money were an issue and the buyer wanted a 1d body he/she would be better off buying a couple of 1dmkIIn's and some high quality glass.

I agree. But it is easy to buy and test a used camera these days. Most reputable vendors like Adorama and B&H have a return policy. I do agree that a better glass worth than a new camera. But we were doing camera vs camera here so thats why the mark III came up.

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