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Re: The NX10 has possibly had bad press

Stelyn wrote:

Tom Caldwell wrote:

At the moment without seeing or feeling a NX100 it seems to be more the slim-size limited camera and therefore might be best just with the 30mm f2.0 or other compact modern lens.

I agree, none of the compactesqe mirrorless cameras work well with manual focus SLR lenses IMO, however, the other makes (NEX, GF and EP's) can take advantage of smaller rangefinder lenses which, although expensive, are more in keeping size-wise, and I spose if used with an accessory EVF, offer a degree of usability along the lines of the NX10 with SLR manual focus lenses.

Yes I agree but chuck on an accessory evf and you lose any size advantage and gain a lot of awkwardness. I was originally unsure that the NX10 was the way to go but now that I have had the pleasure of using it via adapters I cannot see where the NX100 might fit in - "saving" money, great.

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