S95-induced DSLR Soul Searching

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Re: S95-induced DSLR Soul Searching

I really like this response. A very interesting point that no one else had made. I liken this to when I was trying to decide to splurge on a full HD camcorder over just another standard def one some time ago. (At the time it WASN'T that obvious, but the argument would now very simply and swiftly be the same as below: Do I want my kids and grand kids looking at standard def home movies on their 50" plasma (actually I guess it'd be something more than that by the time they are old enough!).

On top of this is the ergonomics and use-ability of the DSLR. NOT talking portability, but when you are THERE, set up basically to take pics and COULD have had an SLR around your neck or something, the joy of using the DSLR could be far greater than fiddling with something smaller, not to mention of course all the options of f/settings, using ND filters etc.

Once again, seeing as no one responded, if I was at Disneyland watching fireworks with a P&S I couldn't get a shot like this:


(and it's not just one shot. That guy has hundreds of very impressive D40 / D90 shots at shorter exposures than teh spectacular one above)

(Having said all this, I am a HUGE fan of P&S but this thread has been an enjoyable factor in looking at the other side of the coin (that oft gets forgotten in the s95 / G12 craze of this part of the forum, well deserved but still).

Fred Dominic wrote:

Well firstly, let me apologize if this has already been said but so far I haven't noticed it.

I have both a S90 and a high-quality DSLR (7D) and I use both regularly. The S90 is with me constantly, and the 7D is with me often.

Now there have already been many who have indicated the benefits of a good DSLR over a compact, so I won't repeat that here. But what I haven't noticed yet is the following: You can never anticipate how your photos might be used in the future. Over the past few years, I spent some time scanning in and fixing up using photoshop a number of photos of my great grandparents (and even earlier ancestors). They could never have imagined what I, their descendant, would be doing with their photos. Now, flash forward to 100, 200, or even more years into the future, I predict that your descendants will be doing things with photos that you can't imagine. Why not give them the highest quality possible, even if it is redundant by your needs today (i.e., an argument I often hear is "I don't print larger than AxB so I don't need C", but who knows what use their photos might be in the future). Disk space is cheap and plentiful. This reason alone is worth having the extra quality available of a DSLR and RAW image storage.

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