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Re: It is more NextStep than Windows

Steven Noyes wrote:

Think Network. The old "spatially" oriented filing system just did
not work
well in a Network Environment. This is one of the reasons (IMHO) that
Apple lost 15% of their share in the enterprise. It is great for a
machine with a 100 MByte hard-drive being used by one person. It just
doesn't scale well. I like having two, three or four views of a
folder open
at the same time.

I manage an IT department in a publishing company. We have lots of PCs and Macs. I use both and I love OS X and I hate OS 9. Prior to OS X I used a Mac at home because I was forcing myself to get familiar with it so that I could understand the Macs at work. I did like the way it handled graphics, but I hated, hated, hated the way that it worked in a network environment and trying to mix the Macs and PCs at work was a pain. We'd try Dave, Mac User IP, NT Services for Mac - it was all a pain. OS 10.2 finally lives like a good network citizen. It's about time.

Personally I like the interface, appreciate that memory is allocated automatically, and especially I like the multitasking. I think the overall design is cleaner and actually is more user friendly than a PC. So now I love my Mac because I love OS 10.2. But as others have said, you've got to give it lots of RAM.

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