Nikon 24-120 F4 VR - Good but not stellar

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Re: 24-120 vs 16-35

(Pro price) + (Consumer quality) = (24-120 VRII)

pc168 wrote:

So the 16-35 is obviously sharper especially at f4. As the 24-120 f4 is not a cheap lens, I expect it to be quite sharp when wide open but it turns out to be a little bit disappointed. I still have to think about the 2 options. 16-35 is good but the range is short. 24-120 is excellent for all-round use but it's a bit overpriced in terms of wide open resolution. Tough decision.

Tks for the info provided

PaulW2020 wrote:

Here's some comparison shots taken this morning. Top is 16-35. Bottom 24-120 and on right is 24-85. Shot is a 100% crops from bigger image and taken from the right hand edge of the image.

Shot is f10 1/400 second and 35mm. Not exactly pushing the lenses but the sort of shots I take.

I have found depending on the image sometimes the 24-120 beats the 24-85 - as in this shot. 16-35 wins but at f11 35mm not by much.

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