Canon S95 Samples on DPReview

Started Oct 4, 2010 | Discussions thread
PaulRivers Veteran Member • Posts: 7,420
Re: I hope dpreview addresses red-eye question on S95

lol, you know, I saw this picture in the gallery and though "Ah, the obligatory cat picture!" -

But I also clicked it twice to expand it, and wondered why the picture just did not show the kind of detail I was expecting. I mean the colors are a little off, you can't see the fine detail of the cats hair - I've definitely seen much better at iso80. And not consistent with my own results with the camera.

But then I realized - oh, hey, this was probably taken at a higher iso, like iso800 or iso1600 or something. Looked down at the iso settings - wow! That's iso3200. That is downright impressive!

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