Favorite low light walk around lens for 7D?

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Re: Favorite low light walk around lens for 7D?

Gert: I agree on the 85II, I've rented and used it but I don't want to own it. Some theater shooting is extremely low light, but I typically shoot dress rehearsals for performances and ask the lighting geeks to bump everything by 25-30% for that run or the Director will not get his promo shots, and they comply (the Director always approves for the one time run-through). f1.4 is lovely but I am doing so much fast framing from a fixed position that a zoom lens is a requirement as I cannot be physically running around and distracting the cast or dancers. shooting to wide and cropping later really shows noise if you've pushed the ISO, or blur if you weren't rock steady, so framing correctly the first time is critical.

The most challenging lighting situations in performing arts are: low blue light (it reads like dark shadow) and spot light (extreme contrast blows out part of the frame). The 7D allows me to bracket faster than any camera I've ever owned, and I am now (after 30 years of this) very good at guessing so I shoot on manual most of the time (the sensor readings are fooled too often by the contrast of the stage).

In the end it's always about adapting imperfect tools to your shooting style and vice-versa. so no argument as to what constitutes "fast", but I know what works for me, delights the client and never requires me to crop.
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