More real world shots from the 24-120 f4 VR

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Janet Zinn
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More real world shots from the 24-120 f4 VR

Let me first say I am not a pixel-peeper nor do I shoot brick walls, focus targets, etc. and most of you here (if you know me at all) know I mostly shoot birds. But I do quite a bit of traveling and while I absolutely love my 24-70 2.8 I just find it too cumbersome and heavy to travel with. Back in my D100 days I used to love the "useability" and for me, perfect range of my old 24-120 VR, and I got some great shots with it, but the optics just don't cut it anymore. So, my intent for this new version is to use it as an all-around every-day and travel lens (paired with the 12-24 when necessary.) Is it up to snuff? IMHO, yes indeed.

Some shots from a short outing at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens this weekend. These are really snapshots to try out the lens. Nothing special. And yes, some are cropped, all are processed, because I am looking to assess how this lens will work for me. But maybe some will find these snaps useful. All shot with the D300.

I was really pleased to see that it can focus closely and even serve as a pseudo-macro for butterflies, etc. This is awesome. The 24-70 can do this too, but the VR is helpful for this the extra range invaluable.

120mm, 1/320, f8

A shot of this really tiny skipper is cropped a lot--but it still holds up pretty well.

120mm, 1/640, f6.3

The bokeh at F4 is very nice for florals

120mm, 1/2000, f4

95mm, 1/800, F4

Its sharp, and with great contrast and pop

65mm, 1/400, f7.1

Corners seem plenty sharp to me--at least on DX. In the uncropped image, you can easily read the botanical signs in the lower right corner. No vignetting at all.

24mm, 1/250, f8

These are just a few snaps. But I was really loving the way it handled, fast focus, not too heavy or obtrusive..its going to be on my camera a lot, I'm sure. Will I sell the 24-70? Probably-- I should, and I'd intended to (that's how I justified spending the money for this one!). Still, its hard to part with, so I may wait a while and see if I am still using it. I can think of very few situations though where I'd use it over this lens. If you are a pro photojournalist or wedding photographer you may need the 2.8--I don't.

Just my own unscientific opinions for my own use, and your needs may of course be different.

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