Broken 30D. Talk to me 30D to 50D upgraders.

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Broken 30D. Talk to me 30D to 50D upgraders.

Dropped my very beloved 30D. I'm not sure I would have ever "upgraded" until it died on me but here I am. Ever since the drop, the camera is frozen in an Err 99 routine. I've tried all of the home-remedy solutions with no positive results.

It's at Canon N.J. right now and they want $320.00 to fix it.

I've checked into the Loyalty program and checked prices. Basically they are giving me around a two to three hundred dollar credit towards a refurbished upgrade. Doesn't seem like much to me but that's two to three hundred dollars more than I would otherwise get for a non-working 30D.

Don't want to spend the money for a 7D. I thought about the 40D but figure I might as well spend a few hundred more to get the MA feature of the 50D.

Is there more noise in 50D than 30D?
Image quality of 50 compared to 30
Quality and life expectancy of refurbs

So my concerns and anything and everything else you can think of from folks that have personally made a 30D to 50D "upgrade".


Can't BELIEVE I dropped my freakin' camera!!!!!! I LOVE the 30D.

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