Nikon P7000 impressions.....

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Nikon P7000 impressions.....

Just got one today and gave it a spin. I was set on getting back an LX5 (got one, returned it, missed it a lot and set to get it), and lo and behold- what's that camera behind that glass- oh the P7000.

This is another camera I also considering getting. I couldn't get out in daylight as it was like 6:30 pm or so when I got it and it was turning dark + hard to charge battery.

In a nutshell quick impressions:

  • The idea of this camera seems good (more on that below).

  • Decided to go for it because to my surprise, it does fit in my jeans pocket. I was afraid it wouldn't.

Things I like-

  • Nose reduction in JPEGS is better than what Panasonic does. Panasonic sort of does smear. Their approach works well if you are resizing down or watching from a distance but not like for full rez.

  • Like the dials

  • A lot of the features seem well though out as a feature

  • Like the focal length

  • The video seems better than expected though the Panasonic seems a bit better (though the Panasonic suffers from "streaks" in bright spots if you don't adjust the parameters properly).

  • JPEG colors better in some ways than the Panasonic's JPEG engine.

Things I am ho hum about so far-

  • Overall camera operations is a bit slow. It has buttons and such to access features fast but the menus don't respond fast like the LX5. This "chug" gets in the way a bit and gets annoying.

  • Zoom previews is slow

  • Autofocus isn't as fast nor as accurate as the LX5 and frequently enough seems to give up. When it works it works reasonably fast, but still sub-LX5 speeds.

  • The lens so far seems ok for what it is, but doesn't seem to be a match for the LX5 in speed, and a few things you can do- like I can shoot a portrait shot at 90mm equivalent F3.3 on the LX5, with relatively nice bokeh. To get this on the Nikon I have to resort to a longer focal length that will be a more closed aperture.

This hurts because now I have less light to work with - getting from F4.5-F5.6 which is pretty much like a 1 stop and a half the LX5 at least... that's quite significant.

Same for bokeh on some macros- the P7000 goes to F2.8 while the LX5 goes to F2.0.

I realize this is one of those things - at least the last one- you can know apriori but trying a few things makes it more obvious.

  • Tried manual focusing to infinity and the camera on the zoomed manual focus showed a blurred image which suggested it wasn't in focus. This was extremely frustrating and I consider this a bug- it really should have shown sharp when I moved to infinity.

  • the optical image stabilization on the Lx5 seems to work better than the P7000 - and I am talking about setting both to the same focal length.

  • not quite convinced that the Sony sensor in this camera (my guess) is a match for the Panasonic's LX5's.

  • Some features are mutually exclusive- depending on current settings. Instead of removing them as an option from the menu, they leave them there, without ghosting or such, and you just see the selection in the menu skip as you go through them. Not nice.

I am going to try a few more things but honestly, I think I am returning this and getting the LX5, and call it done.

I really like the focal length but I guess it's not suitable for lower light work. Just though ISO 6400 would be a bit better to be then used here but I guess I expected much.

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