7D vs 5DMK2 for my uses

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7D vs 5DMK2 for my uses

Looks like there have been a couple threads in the past few pages about this but I wanted to chime in on my case as it seems slightly different than the others.

Got my 7D earlier this year around February for a good price of 1300 as an open box (which was used for less than 100 activations). I've been itching to go full frame but the high cost of the 5dmk2 has discouraged me, though now I have a conflict. Here are my lenses by the way:

-24-105 f4 IS
-70-200 f2.8
-50mm 1.4

and I always have access to my brothers 24-70 f2.8 as we interchange our 24 lenses.

I've read on almost all boards mentioning that you should get a 17-55 f2.8 IS and I almost did however I remember long ago when I had my T1i I thought the focal length of 18-55 was way too short for me, maybe things have changed now but I felt I needed a 24-x lenses to get the focal length I want. So the question everyone asks is, isn't 24 not wide enough on a crop sensor. I've recently asked myself the same. So I presented myself with a few options. What do you think I should go with.

I mainly shoot landscapes, scenery and occasional portraits. I sometimes shoot in low light but I just bring my tripod everywhere except if I travel.

Option 1:

-Stick with 7D and buy a Sigma 10-20 (seems to be the most affordable wide angle lenses that is decent, tokina 11-16 may be too much) and have a focal length equivalent of 36-320.
Cost = about 400


-I can sell my 7D for about 1500 locally then buy a used 5dmk2 for about 2000 and have a focal length of 24-200 and have my lense work on the camera it was meant to work on. Later may pick up a 17-40f as I can afford it.
Cost = About 500


-Someone on kijiji is adverting a 4 year old original 5d + grip + 2 batteries for $750 so if this was the case I would get my ff and a backup camera for events in the future but I would not be buying another lense obviously because of cost issues. This may be a best of both worlds but I don't normally do events so I may have an excess camera and not use one depending which suits me better
Cost = About 750

So in a way my urge to get the wide focal lengths has given me an excuse to possibly upgrade to the 5dmk2 I love the 7d but also I really would like to jump to FF if its worth it to. What option is best suited for me, is it worth the potential upgrade to the 5dmk2? Also flashwise I rarely use flash except for fillflash but I guess I could borrow my brothers flash or eventually buy a 430 speedlite so consider that costs as well.


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