A55 heated up problem encountered

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Re: A55 heated up problem encountered

All you need to know? What you need to know is how difficult it is to photograph birds. If you're shooting a Mallard sitting on his duck-butt, a view camera will work fine... Even if you are using it. OTOH...

If you're shooting Ruby-Crowned Kinglets or Bushtits (which usually come in the convenient 40-pack), or maybe a Peregrine Falcon in a 200mph Stoop, getting 10-15 shots good shots out of 2000 is a very high ratio.

To give you an idea about an area of photography (and videography) with which you're obviously NOT familiar, here's some references:

Peregrine Falcon in a 200mph Stoop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKqt05iR9WI or 242mph in this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j3mTPEuFcWk . And they are about 18" long. Try photographing an 18" object moving at 200mph!

Kinglets spend almost all of their time hopping around in branches. Even when they they are sitting, it is very tough to get good shot of one through some available "peephole" in the bush. Here's an example one preening in a typical bush: http://ibc.lynxeds.com/video/ruby-crowned-kinglet-regulus-calendula/bird-whose-ruby-crown-progressively-more-visible-stimul . Kinglets are 3-4" long including the tail. And their bodies are green-gray-brown. Try photographing something that is tiny, matches its background well, is hidden by branches most of the time, and is typically moving quickly.

I'd strongly suggest that you get at least a little experience before making a rude comment to someone who obviously DOES have the experience. And you may wish to apologize to the OP for your comment.


Firestorm2000 wrote:

Thomas KP Lee wrote:
Edit probably around 10 - 15 shots out from these which are really good one.

Wow! Only 10-15 shots were any good out of 2000.. That tells me all I need to know; unless your technique is .. Off!

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