Photokina 25: Yawn~

Started Sep 24, 2010 | Discussions thread
ihv Contributing Member • Posts: 592
What about ..

per pixel quality improvements which can be seen easily even on today's displays:

  • more DR

  • better sharpness

  • overall more meaningful content & colorrich pixels

  • banding fix

  • why not add better ISO here

  • add your own ..

adje84 wrote:

Right now digital photography is like listening to a $10000 stereo with cheap, junk headphones. We have expensive cameras that are creating images which we display on LCD monitors that don't even show the full richness and detail of the images.

Until this changes with OLED or some better display type, it's pointless to release so many new cameras. I'd rather see the camera companies put their effort into better displays. Panasonic should be at the lead with OLED and updating photographers on its state, but instead is trying to excite us with the GH2 - very pointless.

Unfortunately many of those taking pictures are only into the hardware and churn out photos lacking soul. That's what you get when you have so many people taking pictures who are into the tech.

Stop fawning over the cameras and start pressing these companies on the displays!

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