I am getting kind of fed up

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Re: I am getting kind of fed up

Whenever HP stops it's line, the cartridges and media will be available for at least ten years. In fact, the cartridges for the 20+ years-old deskjet 520 still has original cartridges around!

I bought an A3+ office printer ten years ago (the cp1700) and there are still original cartridges around, in fact, they get cheaper.

And get this: I still have those printers around! The 520 is with my mum, and I am still churning out fantastic document prints with the workhorse cp1700. I bought the photosmart 7150 in 2002, and that will be given to my nephew. It can double up as a document printer simply by switching the photo cartridge with a pigment black one and it works for his school projects. And the 7150 was discontinued and now the original cartridges are very affordable.

I had sometimes go on for up to 3 months without printing, and when I turn them on again, they always print without any incident. Never experienced clogging. Clogging is only happening with Epson printers.

But the 9180 photosmart pro is a pigmented printer as well, so you must keep the printer switched on all the time (in Germany, being eco-minded is very important, so that might be a negative point, but even Epson recommends their pigmented printers to be switched on all the time).

Not sure if refurbished printers are any good. But my cp1700 is second-hand when I got it in 2001 for half the listed price.

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