60D vs. 50D, here's my take......

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Re: 60D vs. 50D, here's my take......

AJMJ wrote:

If you don't the new 60D changes, then just don't buy it, get a 7D instead.

60D Advantages over 50D

Slightly better Viewfinder with more information displayed.
Noticeably better Rear LCD, 3:2 Ratio, 1040K dots, w/tilt & swivel.
Better sensor, 18MP, higher sensitivity, 6400 native.
Multiple Image Ratios, 3:2, 4:3, 16:9, 1:1
Better Battery, LP-E6, same as 5D-II, 7D w/more info and capacity.
Better Exposure Compensation, -5 to +5, shown in VF & top LCD.
Better Metering, Multi (63 area), Color, Dual layer.
Better Auto ISO adjustment.
DOF preview button moved to right side for one handed use as in 1D series.
Now with built in image adjustments, resizing and RAW conversion.
HD Movie capture, 1080p (30/24fps), Manual control, w/Audio adjustment.
Wireless Remote Flash control built in.
Infrared Remote capability built in.
EyeFi control built in.

60D same as 50D

Same Autofocus
Same Shutter and Mirror assy.
Same Interchangeable Focus Screens.

60D disadvantages to 50D

Slightly slower fps, 5.3 vs. 6.3.
NO   Manual Lens adjustment built in. (BAD Canon)
No PC terminal. (My guess is that much less than 1% has ever needed it)

Other differences w/no real great advantage, it's just personal preference.

Plastic Composite Body Shell vs. Magnesium Shell.
SDXC vs. CF memory cards.
Slightly smaller body and slightly less weight.
Slightly different Control layout.

Having been a 20D, 40D, 450D(current) user, my new 60D will be on order as soon as the price drops to under $1000 and it will be soon after the "new camera" wears off.
Have a great day.

LOL... You didn't mention the major disadvantage of the 60D: Price

A 60D costs about 40-50% more than a 50D and seems overpriced compared to the competition (Nikon D7000). The 60D is undoubtly a nice camera - it's just a shame that Canon priced it 200$ too high.

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