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Re: My first HDR attempt

Thanks Ben for your inputs.

I think I may have found the root cause - it is light smoothing. I could reproduce the issue by switching between "low","mid" and "high" settings (the halos appear around low setting for some images).

I have never heard of Topzx before. Lemme google for it to see if it works with Lightroom.

Ben_Egbert wrote:

dibs2010 wrote:

Ben -

Actually I am struggling with the halo effect issue a lot with these HDRs. For the second image, there was a very strong halo around the edges of the sky. I had to actually replace the entire sky of the HDR image with the original image (using a mask). Do you have any idea how to avoid halos in the HDR process. I use Photomatix Pro for HDRs.

I bought Photomatix and took a class about 18 months ago. I never did use it much for single image blending but instead tried multi image blends. This was a dismal failure for several reasons, subject motion the worse. The other was flat looking images. I now use Topzx, curves and a bunch of little Photoshop tricks to increase dymamic range.

I don't remember halos being a problem with Photomatix, but I used it judiciously.

I get halos mostly from overuse of shadow highlight and from large radius small amount sharpening (micro contrast or haze busting). I apply this with a brush and stay away from edges.

Also, please note that i just had single exposures for both the pictures - so just single raw files to create the HDRs. Could that be the reason behind halos?

I have no idea how these halos happened, but they do look like what I get with too much shadow highlight. Its certainly not an anti haze or sharpening which produce thin and constant size halos. Yours are broad.

I would look at all your radius and amount settings as you go though your work flow. Do each step one by one and process it and you will see which setting causes them.

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