A55 User reports: 10fps in action + battery life report

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Re: A55 User reports: 10fps in action + battery life report

It definitely should be possible.

Ihave on numerous occasions done about 1200-1500 shots with one battery both with A700 and A900. The trick here is as some have written using jpg only and shooting fast. The "normal" shooting when you are recomposing, refocusing, reviewing etc a lot consume batteries way more than just fast shooting..


nbercasio wrote:
It is possible, see another user here


jonny1976 wrote:
3000 frames with a single charge?
there is clearly an error.
it's impossible.

whtchocla7e wrote:

We have some interesting updates from the folks doing real-life tests on the new A33/A55 cameras.

12 continuous-frame series with AF at 10fps:

More fast action AF examples:

2478 frames + 10min video till the battery level indicated 60%. Then 700 frames with 300/2.8G to get the battery to 0%.

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