A55 User reports: 10fps in action + battery life report

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Re: A55 User reports: 10fps in action + battery life report

The 3000 images is after adjusting the camera settings (and the way you use the camera) to conserve as much battery power as possible.

In normal use, Sony estimates 350-450 images per charge. The key distinction there is 'in normal use'. Sony can't go telling people they'll get 3000 photos on a single charge when that's only in special circumstances. Otherwise those people will expect their 3000 photos in normal circumstances.. and be mad when they only get a 10th of that.

As someone else has already explained, the 3000 photos were taken without IS on and all in 10fps. So in reality it's only 300 photos worth of camera time, which is well within the battery's capabilities.

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