D700 "CHA" error - help needed

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D700 "CHA" error - help needed

I have had a recent issue with my D700 and wondered if anyone else has experienced this problem.

I was using my camera for some time lapse recording the other night and suddenly it stopped without warning....the top LCD display was flashing a "CHA" error and when I attempted to take a photo it displayed a message on the rear LCD something to the effect of.....

"Error writing data to the card - please insert another CF card as this one is faulty"

I inserted another card and continued shooting - after about an hour the same thing occured on another CF card....the first card was a Sandisk Extreme III 16 Gig CF and the other was a Sandisk Ultra II 8 Gig card....I had also experienced a similar issue many months ago and at the time I presumed it was in fact a card error...but having done it on 3 separate occaisions now it is obviously a camera problem.

I demonstrated this problem to Nikon service personnel at their Hong Kong service center...at first they also said it was a card issue as they put one of their CF cards in my camera and it continued shooting without issue - then they swapped both of MY cards into another D700 camera and found they worked fine and could continue shooting on these so called "faulty" cards.... after this they told me it was probably a motherboard error and it was not clearing the internal memory buffers correctly and the MB would be replaced under warranty.....then they ring me yesterday and tell me the camera is fine and nothing has been done....WTF?

Anyway I KNOW this is a camera issue but one which is very sporadic and hard to replicate unless the CF card is near full capacity....I was able to salvage all files on both cards but the camera refused to write any more data to either of them...as I said luckily I was able to demonstrate this to Nik HK so they didnt think I was crazy but obviously another tech was working on my camera and couldnt replicate this issue.

Anyone else had a similar error and if so what was the problem?

I wont have internet access for a day or 2 so I will check back here on Sunday for any possible clues to this issue.

TIA for any replies...

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