Anyone use the 7D for Infrared photography?

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Re: Anyone use the 7D for Infrared photography?

astrodad1 wrote:

I know this service is available for other DSLR's, I'm not sure about the 7D yet.

They remove the IR blocking filter and replace it with glass filter. To shoot normally, you need a screw on IR blocking filter, which also should solve the focus issues.
Evington, VA

For astrophotography the full-spectrum (replacing IR-block filter with clear glass) is necessary. But to use it for normal (visible light) shooting, it doesn't fair as good as it sounds. The IR-block filter you can find doesn't match that well with the original internal one and as a result you have to do custom WB whenever ambient light changes. When I converted my old Pentax DL, I seriously thought about the flexibilities offered by full-spectrun conversion for visible light shooting and the fact that I could put on IR filters with different wave length for experiments since I wasn't sure what I liked best (89B, 87C, or 87). But the inconvience of composition and WB hassle outweighed the flexibilities in my book so in the end I put an 89B-equivalent filter inside.

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