New S5/IS Pro user looking for info

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You can buy HSV3 in the UK direct from Fuji

There are some contact numbers there too if you want to ask them if it works on 64 bit Windows. I have XP so I don't know. Perhaps someone with 64 bit Windows will reply to your post.

DR and image size settings have no effect on the raw file unless you set DR to 100%. 100% switches off recording of the R pixels and the raw filesize halves. For all other DR settings the R pixels are recorded and the DR setting does not affect what is recorded on them.

ACR and HS-V3 both use all the recorded pixels and so do quite a few other raw converters. They vary in exactly what they do with the recorded data.

I prefer HS-V3 to other converters because of the smoother tonality and better colour response in images which are correctly exposed. If you make a point of massively overexposing your images and wanting to perform the data manipulation often described as "highlight recovery", then ACR does that more convincingly than HS-V3.

I do not have an IS. My Fujis are S3 and S5.

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