My dream camera - 4mp FX

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My dream camera - 4mp FX

I know it's never going to happen that Nikon will make a 4mp FX camera using the latest sensor tech.

I really like my D2H and D2Hs, will keep them as lomg as I can, but some day it may not be possible to repair them anymore. So I was wondering, do any of you guys, like the idea of having 4 or maybe 6 megapixels FX (or maybe DX) sensor in a pro body like D3 ?

I don't need the pixel count, in fact, I hate this crazy MP race. Let those people who needs them have their cameras, and those like me - have our low MP cameras.

Imagine what sort of things can this low MP sensor do using the newest technology...
Dynamic range, super clean blacks, clean ISO 128K, .....

So my question is: would you buy such a cam if it was released?

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