Wide angle choices for South America and Antarctica

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Re: Wide angle choices for South America and Antarctica

Hi David,

Thanks for the reply. I will be on a voyage a bit later in the season (December) offered by Galapogas travel. I have pretty much settled on the 7D/5DII combo you have as it seems pretty unbeatable for a two camera combo. I am not worried by the 5D's autofocus and speed as wildlife will be mainly handled by the 7D. I did briefly flirt with the idea of grabbing a 1Dmk4 for a while, as it is not too much more expensive than the 2 camera combo, but the gain in wilding photography over the 7D didn't seem worth the loss in landscape quality over the 5D.

For wide angle lenses, I am slightly leaning towards a Zeiss 21mm, 17mm TSE combo, with the 21mm being my main ultra wide landscape lens, and the 17mm filling in for wider shots or perspective/focus control (and for buildings, cityscapes etc when filters aren't as important). The lack of a super wide zoom like the 17-40mm or the Sigma 12-24mm does concern me a little though.

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