Olympus needs directions

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Re: I'm not even interested in the content

nyfalls wrote:

Jeffery1987 wrote:

Fine, you should hit the ignore button and i'll do the same. If you read my post you'd realise i didnt come here to bash Olympus.

The fanboys don't want to hear anything nonfanboyish... I'm especially amused at the ones that think they are detectives... checking post counts, etc, before they even read a post. Heaven forbid they ever read any criticism about their beloved Oly.

I love the constructive criticism, and I like your post. Insightful and I have a feeling Oly is doing just that, just slowly and not telling anyone.

One would hope Olympus is. Any company wishing to expand market share doesn't need to listen to those who bought its products, they need to listen to those who didn't . In recent times, Nikon is a good example of how that works - their fanboys would have nothing wrong with their offerings, but those who bought Canon knew where they were deficient, so they went and produced the cameras that Canon fans wanted, and pinched a good slice of the market from Canon. So far as I can see, no Nikon fanboy has jumped ship because now Nikon is doing the things Canon used to do well (as well as the things they always did well). Let's hope Olympus does the same

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