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Hi Danny!...

Hi Danny!...
Good to see you

danny_only wrote:

Where have you been? Busy shooting?

I have been away for a while, including a week in Italy so plenty of work in sorting out the many pictures I took with my Nikon D60+18-105VR and of course with the F31 (at night, restaurants etc)...

I learned a new English word from you Guillible people in Chinese is 羊牯, meaning silly or stupid goat, normally refer to victims of stock market or gambling scams. First I thought it was related to guilty people.

I used the word gullible as: "Easily tricked because of being too trusting"

羊 looks like a goat starring at you. So beside 一,二,三,四,五,you learned a new Chinese word from me, now we are even BTW, how to write 'Goat' in Greek?

I cannot read hierogliphics (!..) but 'Goat' in Greek is 'tragos' (τράγος) or 'katsika' (κατσίκα)...

The fever of X-100 is crazy, all over the forums, never seen this before in the past 5 years. I think the price is too high for many people, I only voted to pay US$701 to US$900 for it, but I will most likely not buying one. When I consider the additional cost of buying spare battery, LCD protecting film, ND filter, Polarizing Filter, UV filter and remote controller. The whole thing can easily costs over US$1,200 when debut, could be selling in Cyprus for over US$2,400 (you mentioned price of digital cameras in Cyprus double of those selling in the US)

I am not interested in buying a fixed FL compact, especially if it is not pocketable. If I need to carry a cam outside my pocket, I'd rather carry my small/light D60 with my 35mm 1.8 lens. Fast, sharp and high IQ. Why spend any extra money, especially on something not 'proven' in the field yet...

I think $1000 for X100 is too high, but that's my opinion. Those who queue to buy it must have their own reasons and of course can afford to spend that money for an extra 'niche' camera.

Having said that, I welcome Fuji's move (not their marketing/hype tactics) in anticipation of them finally sparing a thought on IQ which they have run down since the F31 days.

Do you think Canon, Nikon, Olympus and Sony will debut similar products based on their old rangefinder?

I cannot really say but, always imho, I think what the advanced (dSLR?) photographers have been crying out for was a smaller cam (pocketable?) to carry around with or without their normal dSLR that could perform very well in the IQ dept and offer at least a medium zoom range, say 28-150mm, if it were to replace or back up their dSLR on certain occasions.

I recently spent a lot of time in the Sigma forum and flickr, veiwing DP1 and DP2 pics. Lovely colors, I may end up getting a DP2 when X-100 debut, the prices of DP1 and DP2 should drop by then. What is the cost of DP2 now in Cyprus? Over US$1,000? Now selling around US$600+ in HK.

I don't think you can find the Sigmas in Cyprus. You'll find it hard to find Fujis, never mind such 'special' models. Still, as I said, no skin off my nose..

Any chance of upgrading your F30 to DP2? You have not upgraded your cameras for a long time already?

I am very attracted by the new Nikon P7000. I'll wait for some decent reviews and user comments (always...) and if ok then I'll pull the trigger (but buy from abroad). If not ok, I think I'll go for a Canon S95.

In the meantime, my F31 rules... However if I do not get the S95 and I come across a Fuji F70 at around £100 / $150 then I'll get one too for carrying with me at all times, except at night when the F31 will get the honours.

I am also considering upgrading the D60 to D3100 or the D5100 (when out).

But, if the D7000 proves much better than either, then I'll splash out on it and forget any future dSLR upgrades for a few years to come.

That's the plan!...

Best Regards

ps If you see someone without a smile on, give him one of yours...

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