CfnIII"Autofocus Drive for an Airshow

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CfnIII"Autofocus Drive for an Airshow

I have been playing with the CFIII menu and wondering what settings would people recommend for an airshow shot:

1. AI Servo Tracking Sensitivity: I put the setting to Fast.

2. Setting 2 not what I should use. I am thinking AF Priority.

3. Continous AF Track Priority

4. Focus Search On

5. AF Micoradjustment - Not sure what to put here.

6. Select AF Area Selec Mode - Not sure what I should have here.

7. Manual AF Pt. Selec Pattern - I put it on continous.

8. VF Display Illumination - I set it to Auto.

9. Display all AF points - Enabled

10. Focus display in AI Servo/MF - Enabled

11. AF Assit beam firing - Enabled

12. Orientation Linked AF Point - Same for both vertic. horiz.

13. Mirror Lockup - Disabled

I would love any feed back anyone could give me on these settings and if I should change any of them.


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