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Re: GRDIII low light jpeg

Joel Stern wrote:

Midwest wrote:

Well... to be honest, it might be a good technical exercise in low light photography / PP'ing with your GRDIII, but if you are inquiring into its photographic values, it has virtually no subject, no interest. That's just my .02 - maybe some folks like photos of the edge of a door.

That was exactly what Rube said, it was just an excercise. I do this too when I get a camera to see how it does indoors, outdoors in low light, bright light, etc. These are not about the photographic value but about just snapping and seeing. I would not post any but it was pretty clear what Rube said, unless I misread his post.

Just thought I'd comment as the subject matter people deliberately photo for values which escape me, are often at about this level. I'm glad it was just a technical exercise and not one of those puzzling 'arty' shots.

I think you know I appreciate a good photo, having posted one of my favorites from this forum.

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