Pentax or Canon DSLR for old Pentax lenses

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Re: Pentax or Canon DSLR for old Pentax lenses

Jeztastic wrote:


My Dad recently gave me his old Pentax K1000 with 70-210mm, 50mm, wide angle 28mm, and 2x teleconverter lenses. I am having a lot of fun and learning a lot with it, however, I want to buy a second-hand DSLR, sub £350, and use the old lenses with as much functionality as possible.

After researching, it seems like most new Pentaxs have the 'crippled' k mount, and I will have to use the manual setting and press a button for metering before taking a shot. This seems like a pain to me. On the other hand, they have in-body shake reduction, which would be a big plus with old lenses.

On the other hand, there are Canon EOS DSLRs, which with this adapter (Link to ebay: ) will function very well with the lens. However, I will then lose shake reduction since the EOS system function inside the lenses.

So my questions are: Have I understood the above correctly? And, which camera system do you recommend?



If any of those lenses have an "A" setting on the aperture ring, then you are in luck. Since the K1000 was manufactured for so long (1976-1997), it went through several generations of Pentax lenses.

In the eighties, Pentax made lenses in the "A" series, for their Program cameras. These lenses have electrical contacts that allow properly equipped cameras to control the aperture, without using the aperture ring.

If any of those lenses have the "A" setting, they will work on a Pentax dslr perfectly and will not require stop-down metering or use of the "Green" button. The only function a brand new lens would have that such an a-series lens would not have, is auto-focus. The camera can control the aperture and take meter readings normally. IOW, a-series lenses on a Pentax dslr have all the functions they were designed with.

The only thing to beware of is the dreaded "Ricoh pin". Ricoh used a modifed version of the k-mount. Specifically, on some of their lenses, they added a control pin that is not present on genuine Pentax lenses. THis pin was used in some of their automated cameras. Unfortunately, the pin can become lodged in the autofocus drive screw on Pentax dslrs. The lens can be very, very difficult to remove. If any of the cameras are non-Pentax lenses and have markings PK(R) or PK/R on the lense mount, then be careful. If all the lenses are Pentax or Takumar lenses, then you are okay.

If you suspect that any of your lenses are PK/R with the pin, Google "Ricoh pin" for more information.

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