The big battle for low-end DSLR market...

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The big battle for low-end DSLR market...

This is th most profitable DSLR level market, it support almost all the entire system (medium-high levels) and the next year look like the EVIL makers will assault this.

Samsung is preparing the advanced (closer to DSLR models) NX camera with high image and video performance, manual controls and better interface, a lighter, smaller and cheaper design.

The next 2 lenses will come with it, video and macro capability, new accessories and options.

To end of 2011 Samsung expect to has 10 lenses and probably 4 flash with 4 cameras to different level of performance, size and price.

Sony is preparing the assault from two fronts, the NEX system with the announced roadmap, where you can see 4 new lenses:
-Wide Angle Fixed Focal lens (CZ), probably a 24 or 35mm
-Telephoto zoom, the needed 55-200mm
-Portrait, probably a 50 or 85mm

Sony would complete 7 NEX lenses and surely new NEX bodies, we could expect the rumored NEX7.

The other front will be th SLT system, they have a very good advantage using the Alpha lenses and although those are not compact, the system totally, is compact, fast and interesting.

Sony has the best APS-C sensor in the market right now, a system with a lot of advantage (SLT) and a new system growing and interesting.

The battle has just begun...

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