XSi vs T2i in low light/high ASA

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MOD Osiris30 Senior Member • Posts: 2,804
Re: XSi vs T2i in low light/high ASA

No worries, just wanted to point it out for the sake of consistent and accurate advice for the OP.

Ed P wrote:

Osiris30 wrote:
T1i doesn't have the same sensor as the T2i.

Ed P wrote:

Wow very interesting analysis, thanks!

Kinda makes sense too when you think about it: the T1i has the same "guts" (sensor, processor, etc.) as the T2i, but less pixels per sq. cm.

One of the reasons why people shouldn't "automatically" buy the T2i over the T1i just because it's "newer".

Doh! I knew that! I meant to say same SIZE sensor (obviously, at 18MP vs 15MP it's different). Thanks for the catch!

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