Gym Photoshoot Help Request

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Re: Gym Photoshoot Help Request

I've been shooting marketing and promotional pictures for the gym I work at.

I suggest using a prime lens because lighting is rarely ideal. I was using ISO-1600 with my kit lens, and around ISO-500 with my 35mm prime. You'll probably be using a wide aperture to take advantage of available light so be careful with your depth of field.

Using an external flash didn't work that great in the particular room I was using, and I suggest avoiding it if you're not an expert in flash photography.

Shoot in raw so you have more flexibility dealing with exposure and white balance issues in post-proccessing.

Try different approaches to the composition, mix up close-ups, scene shots, maybe even a slow-shutter speed to show motion when she's peddling the bike. Sounds like you know what you want though.

Good luck.


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