No new Canon/Nikon/Sony full frame cameras at photokina? wtf?

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Cameras sales way up, JD. You need a different theory...

MusicDoctorDJ wrote:

In case you haven't noticed, there is a global economic recession going on right now.

And all of the camera companies are feeling it just as we, the consumers, are.

Camera sales are way down this year . . . probably around 50% from years past!

Actually, they're way up this year. Comparing the first 6 months of 2010 to the first 6 months of 2009...

  • Shipments are up 33.6%, from 41.4 to 55.3 million units

  • Sales are up 18.6%, from $7.81 to $9.26 billion USD

The reason that the units exceeded the sales is that P&S sales quantities went up, but the average price per unit went down. Looking only at interchangeable lens cameras (this is, after all, a DLSR thread)

  • Shipments are up 42.0%

  • Sales are up 31.9%

That was the global market. The CIPA breaks it down into Japan, Europe, The Americas, Asia, and "Other Areas". In the Americas, for all cameras...

  • Shipments are up 34.3%

  • Sales are up 25.6%

Americans are buying, in proportion to the rest of the world, more expensive P&S cameras...

And, hang on to your chair, JD, because this one is going to rock your socks off. In the Americas, looking just at interchangeable lens cameras (that's still mostly DSLRs)

  • Shipments are up 59.1%

  • Sales are up 48.7%

Yes, sales are actually up by as much as you said they were down.

Most, if not all of the camera makers have had massive layoffs and have shut down many of their manufacturing facilities.

Where do you get this stuff?

Of course they need to keep rolling out some new models, but the days of 20 different models being replaced every six months are long gone.


The other thing happening now is that there are very few first-time digital camera buyers left.

And yet, sales continue to experience massive growth, even though "there is a global economic recession going on right now."

Just about everyone has one now, and most of them are more than adaquate for their needs, so they are not buying new cameras every year anymore.

They're buying them. They're just not buying them from you. Or from Adrays (my favorite camera store, that went under last year), or from Century Camera, or The Negative Outlook, or John Nathan. They're buying them from Best Buy or Wall Mart, or clicking on their computers and getting a box from Adorama or B&H.

I've noticed that a large percentage of camera buyers today are not buying because they need something better, but because they dropped or damaged their current camera and it is less expensive to buy a new one than it is to get their old one fixed.


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