RAW files on Sony Bravia

Started Sep 27, 2010 | Discussions thread
Klips1 New Member • Posts: 11
I think you're onto something

snapster7 wrote:

These files are from my A-100. Old tech now, I know, but that shouldn't matter should it ?

I think it does. The A700 was the first SLR (at least from Sony, but possibly from any manufacturer) with HD-output. Before that, most pictures would be displayed either on an LD TV or the raw files would be "developed" on a computer, so the embedded jpg would only be seen on the rear display of the cameras, i.e. at less than 1 Mpix, not 2 Mpix as on HD TV.

Are you viewing the files from your A700 via a USB stick ? Or connecting your camera via HDMI ?

Normally, I connect my cameras to my TV using an HDMI cable, but I just tested the USB stick method, and pictures recorded in raw only on the A700 are shown in full screen and full HD (1920x1080).

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