Buying a camera from Japan?

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Re: Don't forget to buy tax free

archiebald wrote:

Don Simons wrote:

All great advice above. If you go to Yodobashi Camera or BIC Camera first you can pick the cameras up and have a good look at them. Then once you decide you can set about looking for the cheapest price on or the back streets of Akihabara etc. Good luck.

agreed, Yodabashi is play for looking but their prices are at least 10% over the top. They just have big attractive stores that suck in the visitors.

They do have higher prices, but they also give you 10-20% of the purchase price as points toward your next purchase It ends up being quite competitive price-wise, and the selection and hands-on opportunities are excellent.

If you want to skip the sales tax (tourist visa) you can not use a point card though, so Yodobashi makes more sense for those living or studying in Japan. If I were a tourist Id head to Fujiya camera in Nakano or Sanpou Camera in Gakugei Daigaku and try to have the tax removed, their prices are usually very good, and they often have very inexpensive used gear as well (in superb condition for the price).

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