Where the D7000 doesn't measure up to the D300/D300s...

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sandy b
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Some one is going to look the fool

either way. Interesting in this thread how so many pundits have decided: 1. no way the camera is better then the D300, or 2. its clearly better then the D300 (or as good as the D700), based on a few dozen shots, or the words of some unknown sales rep.

Real samples will be out soon, maybe this week, then we will know. Looking at the jpegs I think its clear something has improved at the higher ISO's. Whether its noise reduction only on jpgs or a truly better sensor will have to wait for RAW files.

And the rest of the camera is improved in many ways. 16 mp is nice, 6 FPS @ 14 bit is a biggie. So is lens fine tuning and the ablility to meter older lens. And I can run compressed RAW and get 15 shot burst. BTW, its obvious to me Nikon would NOT introduce a new multi cam, give it a higher number, and make it inferior to the old one. The D7000 will have improved AF that will be migrated upwords into the next D400 and maybe even D4.

Still, with all its improvements, its not a D300 replacement. But it does blur the lines a bit and set up a very exciting D400.

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