What is your favorite walk-around lens for the D300?

Started Sep 26, 2010 | Discussions thread
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As useable ISO creeps up ....

... the appeal of "fast" lenses directionally declines. Wide apertures offer more focus selectivity but challenge the designers to provide pleasant "bokeh". That specific tool/technique has its applications ( more so for some folks than others) but the other use for wide aperture is to enable a photographer to capture an image under low illumination without motion blur. That however is accompanied by difficulty in getting enough of the subject in focus. VR reduces part of the motion issue (not the depth issue) and alleviates a bit of the appeal of wide aperture: however higher useable ISO in the affordable midrange DSLRs takes another bite out of the allure of wide aperature lenses. I believe wide aperture will always be an important tool but shrinking need will make it more of a specialty tool.
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