Moisture on lens!!!! How to remove?

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Re: Moisture on lens!!!! How to remove?

Thank you so much!! I was worried. I hope your suggestion will work fine with my gear.

capanikon wrote:
Do you have air conditioning at home or at work?

If so, take the lens off the camera, remove any filters you have attached to it, remove the end cap, zoom it to 55m and let it sit in the dry air for a few hours. The water should eventually evaporate.

This will also work for the camera. For the camera, remove any lenses, and open any slots you can, like the memory card slot. Leave the flash popped-up. Remove the battery and leave the battery door open. You want to "ventilate" the camera as much as that is possible.


I photographed in heavy rain with my D2h and 18-70mm f/3.5~4.5 DX Nikkor once. Pouring rain ... high humidity. After a few minutes I noticed the internal lens elements were completely misted. I let the lens air out and the drops evaporated and the lens has been fine ever since.

Be careful when shooting in rain and high humidity, especially with zoom lenses since zoom lenses "breathe" when you zoom them, sucking in air and blowing out air when you do so.

Also, be careful when shooting in very cold (near freezing or below freezing). If you take pictures in the cold for a while, then come indoors, water drops will condense all over your gear. So to avoid this, put the camera in the camera bag and zip the bag closed and then bring the bag inside and let it warm up for several hours. Then you can open the bag. You can also use a plastic bag for this.

Saabeet wrote:

Hi All!
I am a new user of DSLR gears. I just own a Nikon D5000 and 18-55 VR kit lens.

I read somewhere that if I hold the camera upside down and look at the sun or any bright light source through the lens at 4 o' clock position, i would be able to see if there is any moisture in my lens.

I took a look yesterday and found there is MOISTURE ON MY LENS!!!

I am almost panicked!
what should I do.. I am loving using my camera and photography...

Please suggest me how to get rid of that moisture?? and how can I be sure that it's on my lens not of the mirror in the body the camera?

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