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EXACTLY - canon and nikon and sony will still be pushing for the best sensors and making them... but the mass market will accept a "pretty good" sensor of this size as the quality will still be an amazing leap compared to what we see in phones and tablets and laptops today... but if they are selling the sensor to 7 phone makers and a bunch of other outlets the price will drop way way down. The whole tablet craze is just about to hit, smart phones are becoming universal over time. The market is there... Nikon and Canon and Olympus and even Panasonic and Sony don't really make phones... I know sony has and I also know they make tons of small sensors and even advanced sensors... but there will be an ever increasing market... soon flat screen tvs and kitchens and other places one stands will have video calling over the web. What happens when cars begin to drive themselves via markers left on the side of the road combined with gps... not to mention all the security cameras that are increased worldwide by the millions... they will use these larger sensors. I feel like digital photo and video is just no scratching the surface.
Dan Scheele
Hermosa Beach, California, USA

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