Recently tried the a33 - mixed feelings about the EVF but otherwise in love <3

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Recently tried the a33 - mixed feelings about the EVF but otherwise in love <3

I recently got a chance to get my hands on the a33. Wow is that a tiny camera. And so light!! I've been carrying around my mum's a350 lately and thought it was small, but the a33 is smaller again.

The LCD on the back is gorgeous - lovely blacks & good detail.

The menus & functionality was all pretty intuitive - I liked the new fn button and how it comes up with descriptions of different things.

In my hand it felt excellent. Maybe I have small hands, but that thumb grip was in the perfect place for me and was nice & grippy. The balance felt really good as well.

But the EVF... wasn't quite what I was expecting. It was very 'hazy' washed out and the edges of things got very red & blue as you panned which was quite disconcerting.

Can I blame this on the fact that we were indoors and that the shop was pretty poorly lit? The screen on the back was perfect - crystal clear, excellent colour and detail - but the EVF didn't look anywhere near as good. I live in Australia and another Aussie was complaining about the EVF recently as well.. could we have gotten a bad batch or something? I'm pretty much 100% confident that the EVF hadn't been 'tweaked' or messed with by a previous customer.

I wanted to try the EVF outside and in good light and did manage to convince the camera guy to let us go for a walk outside the shop, but the best we could manage was to step outside the store and into the rest of the shopping centre and point the camera up to a window that was open to the sky.

The colour seemed much better in brighter light, but panning still left a bit to be desired.

So is this all normal? Or has Australia gotten a bad batch of EVFs? And is there a difference between the EVF in the a33 and the a55? The camera guy I was talking to said he thought the a55 EVF had been better (he'd had a chance to try one briefly) but I thought that they were supposed to be the same...?

I'm still very keen to get either the a33 or the a55, but I might have to see if I can convince a store to let me go outside into 'real' light first.

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