Re: Panasonic announces three new Lumix lenses

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Adrian Harris
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Re: don't know whether the lens contains ED glass or not

Knight Palm wrote:
I suppose you never looked at these pages:
otherwise you wouldn't incorrectly state the following in your post:

Adrian Harris wrote:

I do love the panny 14-45 and the 45-200 for handling and speed, but the lack of ED 'type' glass lets them down badly.

I must confess I was wrong. Beleive it or not, I was giving Panasonic the benefit of the doubt and merely thought they were not using ED glass. But is is obviously just down to bad lens design.

I own not quite matched, but similar ED and non ED lenses in various sizes and am familiar with how different the images look. I am shocked to be informed that these contain ED elements (sorry they state lenses), as there is some weird anomalies that are normally associated with non ED front elements.

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